Clain, a pioneer in blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency investigation solutions, has announced the innovative integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT4 API into its flagship product, Probe. This bold move propels Clain to a unique position as the world’s only company offering automated report generation capability for cryptocurrency investigations.

Transforming Clain Investigation with ChatGPT4

Probe, is recognized for its robust capability in probing, visualizing, and dissecting cryptocurrency transactions. It’s now boosted with the addition of ChatGPT4. This integration empowers investigators to automatically produce in-depth reports based on their investigative graphs. The outcome is a significant saving in time and resources, further enhancing the efficiency of investigative procedures.

Law enforcement early adopters have reported impressive gains. It’s cutting up to 8 hours of manual work per week with the new feature. The resultant reduction in workload enables investigators to channel their energy into strategic tasks. Thereby increasing their overall effectiveness and productivity.

Taking Giant Leaps in Efficiency

Paul Aherne, Head of Sales, expressed excitement at this leap forward in their mission. “Integrating ChatGPT4 into Probe enables us to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of cryptocurrency investigations,” said Aherne. “Not only does this new feature save investigators precious time. It also guarantees the generation of comprehensive and accurate reports.”

Enhanced Features with Security at Forefront

Probe’s key features include the capacity to demix transactions using a sophisticated transaction filter engine, automate tracing across chains, and enable real-time collaboration amongst multiple users. The software also provides comprehensive case management and in-depth understanding of fund sources and destinations.

Clain has a stellar track record in privacy and security, encrypting data sent to OpenAI for report generation. This ensures sensitive information such as transaction or address hashes and real-world entities’ names remains confidential. This rigorous data protection measure gives law enforcement agencies the assurance that their information remains secure during investigations.

A New Standard in Crypto Investigation

The integration of ChatGPT4 continues to solidify Clain’s leading position in the industry, strengthening its commitment to the battle against money laundering, terrorist financing, cybercrime, ransomware, and fraud.

About Clain

Clain is a globally recognized provider of blockchain analytics. A global cryptocurrency investigation software. Its premier product, Probe, aids in anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) initiatives, alongside investigations related to cybercrime, ransomware, and fraud. Clain is delivering innovative solutions that improve efficiency and effectiveness in combating illicit activities involving cryptocurrencies.

Source: Clain