Expanding Crypto Shopping Experiences

BitPay, the worldwide leader in cryptocurrency payments, recently revealed that Brave Wallet has incorporated the BitPay Protocol. This major move allows crypto wallet users to carry out reliable, accurate, and straightforward payments. Now directly from the Brave privacy browser.

Users of Brave Wallet can now shop with their cryptocurrencies at a myriad of leading merchants online and in person. This includes brands like Newegg, APMEX, PacSun, AMC Theatres, and airBaltic. This ensures everyday purchases, travel, and high-ticket items can be seamlessly paid. Straight from the Brave Wallet, bolstering its utility for everyday use.

Improving Payment Accuracy in Crypto Transactions

Introduced in 2017, the BitPay Protocol plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate payments by avoiding common payment issues such as overpayments, underpayments, late payments, unconfirmed payments, and possible double-spends.

As the crypto industry continually evolves and attracts a growing number of new users, payment accuracy is critical. The BitPay Protocol leads the industry in terms of crypto payment quality. It allows for more precise and dependable blockchain payments both in-store and online.

Endorsements and Expectations

“BitPay applauds Brave’s adoption of the BitPay Protocol,” said Stephen Pair, BitPay CEO. Pair emphasized the role of Brave’s team in promoting payment quality online and in physical stores for those eager to leverage the advantages of crypto payments.

James Mudgett, VP of Web3 products at Brave, further emphasized the importance of this integration, stating, “we’re expanding the utility of Brave Wallet and making it easier than ever for our users to spend their crypto on real-world goods and services.”

All-In-One Crypto Wallet in a Browser

The Brave Wallet, built directly into the Brave web browser, offers a secure, multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet. Aside from facilitating crypto payments, Brave Wallet users can purchase, receive, and send crypto assets across different chains. It also enables users to import non-custodial wallets, monitor live crypto prices, swap coins, and interact with Web3 DApps.

The Brave Wallet is conveniently available on desktop and mobile as an integral feature of the Brave web browser. Making it an accessible choice for Android, iOS, Linux, and PC users.

About BitPay and Brave

BitPay, established in 2011, is a pioneer in blockchain payment processing. Bitpay is aiming to revolutionize how businesses and individuals send, receive, and store money.

Brave Software, has over 57 million monthly active users and more than 1.7 million Creators. It’s revolutionizing the web with its fast, privacy-oriented browser and blockchain-based digital advertising platform.

With the integration of the BitPay Protocol, these two giants are driving forward the potential of cryptocurrency. They’re transforming digital payments.

You can learn more about Brave at brave.com, or follow the company on Twitter @brave.