& IBEX Advance Crypto Payments

In a dynamic partnership poised to reshape the future of finance, Miami-based fintech proudly announces its cutting-edge collaboration with IBEX. This revolutionary alliance will significantly transform payment methods at the upcoming Bitcoin Conference 2023, a highly anticipated event noted for its vibrant atmosphere and advanced discourse.

Revolutionizing Vendor Transactions with Bitcoin

At this year’s Bitcoin Conference, a diverse pool of over 30 vendors can now welcome Bitcoin as a valid form of payment. This innovative step is possible through the strategic alliance between, a trailblazer in crypto payments, and IBEX. leverages extensive partnerships with major digital asset exchanges, digital wallets, as well as traditional acquirers and aggregators. Businesses can smoothly accept crypto payments from customers and receive their local currency directly into their bank accounts.

Effortless Payments with State-of-the-Art Technology’s leading-edge payment terminals, are stationed at each vendor booth, simplifiyng the payments. The cashier will input the amount due in US dollars, and will generate a QR code on the spot. It also shows the equivalent Bitcoin value needed for the transaction. Attendees can conveniently access their Bitcoin wallets, including CashApp or any Lightning Network-compliant wallet, and scan the QR code to confirm the payment. Within a few seconds, the transaction is processed, and a printed receipt is generated, streamlining the buying process for consumers.

Empowering Merchants with Instant Bitcoin to USD Conversion

One standout feature of this inventive payment solution is the prompt conversion of Bitcoin into USD. Also, every transaction and subsequent reimbursement to the merchant.’s advanced technology ensures a seamless experience for vendors. It enables them to maximize the potential of cryptocurrencies, while broadening their customer base. This negates the volatility usually associated with cryptocurrencies.

Accelerating Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

“We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary payment solution at the Bitcoin Conference 2023,” expressed Alejandro Morales, Global Head of Business Development at “By collaborating with IBEX and leveraging our extensive partnerships within the crypto ecosystem, we are enabling merchants and consumers to embrace the future of finance.”

This groundbreaking payment solution is will accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. This will also enhance the experience of Bitcoin Conference attendees.

About and IBEX is a leading fintech located in Miami. Blokko Enables businesses to accept payments from consumers using digital wallets. Consumers receive reimbursement in their local currency directly into their bank accounts. Facilitating seamless crypto transactions at points of sale, provides a frictionless experience for both merchants and consumers.

IBEX is a Bitcoin infrastructure company specializing in Lightning Network enterprise solutions. By running a Lightning Network node, IBEX enables faster and more scalable Bitcoin transactions, revolutionizing the potential of decentralized payments.